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Pharmacogenetic testing empowers you to be an advocate for your own health.

Testing provides information about how people with your genotype commonly respond to prescribed medications. Our test report details how your body metabolizes medications and suggests alternative prescriptions when increased sensitivity or reduced response is likely. This means you and your doctor can tailor your treatment plan uniquely to you.

Common Reasons for Testing

Testing is beneficial whether you’re in good health and taking an active role in your personal healthcare or you’re suffering from a serious condition and facing decisions about treatment.

Testing can reveal your body’s ability to metabolize certain medications and may be right for you if you are experiencing the following:

  • Condition Not Improving

    When you’re taking a medication and not receiving the outcome you expect, testing can reveal reduced sensitivity to medication and suggest more effective options.

  • Unwanted Side Effects

    Whether you’re experiencing a minor side effect like dizziness or a major adverse drug reaction, testing can suggest alternative medications or dosages that are better tolerated.

  • Taking Multiple Medications

    Do you ever wonder if your medications are interfering with each other? Testing can alert you and your doctor to potential drug on drug interactions.

  • Starting or Taking Anticoagulant Therapies

    The FDA recommends people be aware of genotyping prior to starting Clopidogrel (Plavix) or Coumadin (Warfarin). Poor metabolizers may not receive the full benefits of the drug – putting them at risk.

How Testing Works

1 – Begin the Process

Like any diagnostic screening, pharmacogenetic testing must be authorized by a doctor. If your doctor doesn’t currently offer testing, Care America will contact your doctor on your behalf or help you find a doctor who performs testing.

2 – Collect DNA Sample

Collecting a DNA sample for testing requires a simple, painless swab of the cheek. The sample is then sent to the lab for testing.

3 – Analyze Results

Our federally-certified lab extracts information about your DNA and cross-references it against an extensive database of medications. Results are typically sent to your doctor within two business days.

4 – Determine Treatment Plan

A comprehensive report provides actionable guidance for each medication, including dosing guidance. You and your doctor can use this information to potentially avoid certain medications and tailor treatments.